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Communities 1st aims to support local communities to thrive through support, knowledge, voice, infrastructure and innovation.

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Alban Day

- 19:00

Adults Only Dance Club, Term 2

- 10:30

Better Days Hub - Marshalswick Library - St Albans

- 12:00

Better Days Hub - Wyllyotts Potters Bar

- 15:00

Better Days Hub - Wyllyotts Potters Bar

- 15:00

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About Communities 1st

We are a membership organisation dedicated to supporting the Voluntary Community, Faith, CIC, Social Enterprises and small-medium sized Business based or working in the districts of St Albans and Hertsmere.

Our mission is to work with people across all sectors to make a positive impact on the wellbeing of local people through Support, Knowledge, Voice, Infrastructure and innovation.


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