'What We Stand For' Policy Statements

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At Communities 1st, we are committed to amplifying the collective voice of our members and shaping policies that reflect our shared values and vision. As part of this commitment, we have embarked on an initiative to develop 'What We Stand For' policy statements, driven by insights and contributions from our valued member organisations.

Click each link below to read the policy discussion documents (this will open a new window):

Your Role and Contributions

We encourage you to read through the discussion documents (click the links above) and send us any of your feedback, insights, experiences and perspectives. Your contributions will shape our final policy statements, and ensure that they are not only representative but also resonate with the challenges and aspirations of our communities.

Many of you have already contributed through our regular Stronger Together Networks, Policy Focus Groups held in early February, and via feedback over email and call, but we'd love to hear from everyone one final time! To contribute, please click the button below to email memberservices@communities1st.org.uk (please write "FAO Aneta" in the subject line).


Why This Matters

By sharing our joint positions on these topics, we aim to influence local strategies ensuring that the needs and voices of our communities are heard.

The challenges facing our communities are multifaceted. These policy statements are not just documents, they represent our collective stance on crucial issues, e.g. poverty, digital inclusion, climate action, and equity. We would love to be able to include your views and experiences in them.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the 'What We Stand For' initiative, discussion documents or the policy statements, please email memberservices@communities1st.org.uk or call 01727 649940.