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We’ve provided some useful links to external Social Prescribing resources. Please click through below for more information. If you need to access resources that aren't found here or you'd like your resources shared on this page please get in touch.

NASP Links

NHS Links

Academic Research

Veterans and The Armed Forces

Criminal Justice System


Older People


Social Prescribing Referral/Resources Websites in East of England

Mental Health

Health Inequalities

Creative Health, Art and Wellbeing

TED Talks

Further Reading

Arts, Culture and Heritage Resources

Creative Arts East




Heritage Fund




Historic England


Wellbeing and the Historic Environment (Historic England, 2018) – policy, case studies and framework

Social Prescribing and the potential of Historic England’s local delivery (Historic England’s website, 2020) – case studies and recommendations for HE

Heritage and Wellbeing (Historic England’s website) – our team web pages – more case studies and resources

Heritage, Health and Wellbeing (The Heritage Alliance, 2019) – case studies from the wider sector

Heritage Action Zones (Historic England’s website)

Enriching the List (Historic England’s website)

Heritage at Risk (Historic England’s website)

Historic Environment Records (Historic England’s website)

Heritage and Social Prescribing webinar June 2020

Heritage and social prescribing  article HE Research September, 2021


Royal Literary Fund



Social Sector Initiatives


Trestle Theatre




Restoration Trust



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