Corporate information

Our Mission

“To achieve positive social change by developing active resilient communities and transforming lives through social action”


To do this we are:

  • Inspiring people & organisations to action: through volunteering, through donating money or resources to make a positive contribution to the life of the community.
  • Connecting people & organisations across all sections of society:  helping to create the social networks across our communities, including the social economy, commercial economy and public sector economy to instigate positive change.
  • Influencing decision-makers: to listen to local residents, charities, community groups and social enterprises, who have a voice to shape key decisions about the local community.
  • Developing charities, social enterprises & projects:  building the capabilities of existing local organisations to meet identified priorities and needs within our local community and helping to set up new charities, social enterprises and projects that meet identified priorities and needs within our local community.
  • Targeting our support to the most vulnerable within society and the more deprived neighbourhoods within our community.  We aim to provide help where it is most needed and where our impact can make the most difference.


Our Values

  • Community Stewardship

We value service to the community over self-interest and believe that everyone with a locality has a responsibility to support positive social change for people living there and for future generations.

  • Co-operation

We value co-operation and actively encourage individuals and organisations to work together in partnership for the benefit of the community.

  • Fairness

We value social justice, equality and solidarity and strive to achieve a more equal society as a way of supporting the social, economic and environmental well-being of everyone within the community.

  • Voluntary Action

We value voluntary action, which is activity that is not pursued for private gain or profit but for social benefit and to put something back into our community. We believe volunteering is a valuable part of life that contributes to well-being.It helps with sociability and providing a sense of community. There are many reasons to volunteer and the rewards from volunteering can be great.

  • Willingness to Listen, Learn & Innovate

We value and are willing to try new ways of working. We are interested in listening to people’s ideas and learning from other people in order to improve what we do and the impact we have.


  • Strategic Plan
  • Volunteering Strategy 
  • Equal Opportunities Policy