COVID-19 Community Volunteer Sign Up

Communities 1st is registered charity working all year round for a more connected and resilient districts of Hertsmere, St Albans. Welwyn/Hatfield, Broxbourne and East Herts. During this difficult time, we want to make sure that our residents are looking out for one another to help everyone stay safe and healthy.

Lot's of people are getting in touch to support others in their community which is great. If you're healthy and at low-risk, you can be a Compassionate Community Connector and help others across the districts of Hertsmere, St Albans, Welwyn/Hatfield, Broxbourne and East Herts. Sign up now, and pass the word on.
You can also support our COVID-19 Appeal

This is the easiest way to keep up to date with the latest announcements and news about Covid-19 and volunteering. Search for '#1stCommunities'