Employer Supported Volunteering

Employer Supported Volunteering is a fun and rewarding way for your staff members to spend time together, while doing an activity that benefits the local community. 

What is Employer Supported Volunteering?

Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) is when employers offer their employees paid time off to volunteer in their local community. It is becoming increasingly popular as employers recognise the potential to develop both their business and its staff while also supporting and improving their community.

How can Communities 1st support Employers to offer ESV to employees?


We can offer:

  • Knowledge of local organisations and their needs
  • Details of voluntary opportunities for individuals and teams
  • A brokerage service matching interests, skills and availability to voluntary tasks
  • Co-ordination of the volunteering day
  • Photographs and a write up of the day that can be used on your website


What are the benefits to our business?
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The difference your business can make

Your business can make a real difference to your local community, enabling the organisation you support to deliver improved services to local residents. You will lead the way in building important partnerships between the private and voluntary sector, reducing barriers between different sections of society and become an example of how a business can be an important partner in shaping the lives of people in our community.


You and your employees can give time and develop skills in four types of ESV Programmes

We have four great Employer supported volunteer programmes to suit the level of involvement you're looking for.  These programmes are designed to deliver measurable benefits to the local community.  This means action is taken on the most important issues locally and in the communities with the greatest needs.

ESV Skill Share – Provides an opportunity to link your skilled employees with a local charity sharing their talent for a few hours over a specific project time frame.

ESV Give and Gain – Your staff could take part in a team challenge, joining together to undertake a practical task such as creating a sensory garden or transforming a therapy room.  Group volunteering is a great way to build stronger teams and use skills to do something for your community.  Whether you want to get out and be active for a day, or mentor individuals, we can help you find an opportunity that best suits your needs.

ESV Sustain – You might be looking for a more long-lasting relationship, where your employees can make use of their professional expertise, such as by offering specialist advice

ESV Pre-Retirees – Particularly suitable for pre-retirees who are cutting their workload and reducing their hours gradually, this programme can be a useful way for you to prepare an employee for retirement.


For more information contact us on 01727 649940 or email  volunteer@communities1st.org.uk