Meet & Eat

Meet new friends and learn to cook healthy meals

What is Meet & Eat?

Meet & Eat is a fun, sociable way to learn how to cook good, healthy meals on a budget. The meals taught will be mains such as lunch or dinner, but this may change depending on the needs of the group.


Is there a charge?

There is no charge for this service.


What if I have allergies or dietary requirements?

When you sign up, you can tell us if you have allergies or dietary requirements.


Do I need to bring anything along?

There is a kitchen at the venue so there is no need for you to bring anything. You may wish to bring your own dishes to take food home, but there will be takeaway pots available.


Can I drop in or do I need to book?

We have just 10 spaces available in every session, so please do register your interest by contacting us. You can telephone 01727 649900, or email Or, you can click on the buttons below.


I have booked my space; can I bring my children?

For health and safety, we ask you don't bring children to sessions as having them running around may cause injury.


Weekly Sessions - coming soon!

We are hoping to return to a regular weekly Meet & Eat session soon.

We will update this page as soon as we have know more!