Recruiting and Managing Volunteers

We support people who recruit and manage volunteers as part of their day to day role. This includes Volunteer Managers, Coordinators, Administrators and also Volunteers who manage other volunteers, such as leaders of local sports clubs or faith groups.

If your group is looking for volunteers, you can register with the Communities 1st for free to access the following services:


Promoting Volunteering Opportunities. We advertise volunteering opportunities via our website, social media and in our printed literature. We actively promote volunteering across the District via our pop-up Volunteer Centres, retirement seminars, our student volunteering programme and stands at community events.

Matching Volunteer Applicants to Your Organisation. Our brokers help over 1500 people each year to identify volunteer roles which meet their interests, skills and abilities.

Training & Advice on all areas of volunteer recruitment and management. If you have a query about your volunteer programme please get in touch.

Campaigning on issues related to volunteering. We regularly feedback the views of the groups we support to inform the strategic development of volunteering at local, sub-regional, regional and national levels.


For more information, contact the Volunteer Centre  020 3940 4865 or email


Recruiting and Retaining Managing Volunteers - Wednesday 11th 2022