Meet the Funder Events

Learn about funding opportunities for your organisation!

What are Meet the Funder Events?

Our Meet the Funder events are just one of the benefits of membership of Communities 1st. 

These free sessions take place regularly throughout the year and are usually online.

A representative from a funding body attends to deliver a presentation about the grants or funds currently open for applications (or funds that will open in the near future). The presentation will include information on eligibility criteria, application process, any support on offer, deadlines, and the amount you can apply for.

There is an opportunity for questions and to discuss your applications.  Attendance at these sessions can also be the start of getting to know a funder and previous attendees have told us that these events have improved their funding applications. 

Here are some of the funders we have hosted recently:

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I am a funder, can I get involved?

If you or your organisation can offer funding advice, we would love to hear from you! We would like to hold these events even more regularly, and learn more about the various options on offer so we can better advise our members.

If you can help, please contact us by emailing or telephoning 01727 649950.


Don't see a session scheduled?

If you don't see a session you can attend, or would like to know more about upcoming events, get in touch.

You cal email or call 01727 649950.