Forget Slimming Classes - Get Volunteering!

Written by one of our volunteers:

That's the view of Lesley Landes who has lost well over 10lbs in weight since becoming a volunteer and, more incredibly, is now no longer suffering from diabetes. As far as Lesley is concerned, she is in absolutely no doubt that all the activity, as well as being on her feet with the volunteering work (not to mention being away from the house and the temptations of eating...) has led to a notable improvement in her health and mental well-being.

In her 60's, living in Radlett and married to David (who actually started volunteering work several months before she did) Lesley has had to juggle with many professions during her working life, along with the challenges of motherhood, before eventually finding herself with some spare time after her 3 children had grown up and left the family home. Applying to Communities 1st at the end of 2020, she worked through the many online training modules without difficulty and was soon carrying out her first shift at the Vaccination Centre in Elstree.    She's not looked back since.

Happy to give directions in the car parks, assist clients or simply clean chairs, Lesley has been completing 4 shifts of up to 4 hours each week. She enjoys talking to people the most, but emphasises the great satisfaction you get from the feeling of 'doing something useful, interesting and important'. Also Lesley found great value in the general sense of purpose that it all brings. Whilst she expects to continue trying to play bridge and to knock golf balls about, for Lesley, volunteering is extremely likely to play a very valued part in her life into the future.

Written by Don Ramsay (Volunteer)