The Commitment of a ‘Fantastic’ Communities 1st Volunteer Shopper

Both in their late 80's, Betty and John have now enjoyed 65 years of marriage. They met up when John was completing National Service in the R.A.F., moved to Wembley, and have juggled working lives with bringing up two daughters. Betty managed various temporary jobs until she finally retired at 65 as a School Secretary in Watford. John worked in the battery industry until he had to retire through ill health at 55.

They completed their own shopping until 3 - 4 years ago, when mobility began to become a problem for them both. Betty suffered from the deterioration of a 10 year old knee replacement, and John strugged to walk at all with serious spinal disintegration. Both Betty and John now rely on walking frames for mobility and are virtually unable to get out of the house at all. Hence, their complete reliance on a "fantastic" Communities 1st shopper, who even telephones them from the shop to make sure they get the right product! Previously keen on bowling and gardening, John occupies himself these days with the "tremendously rewarding" intricate construction and painting of model engines, one actually taking him four and a half years! Betty likes crosswords, as well as occasionally popping along to meetings of her local Bushey Ladies Club.

Having 6 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren, as well as a gardener and a cleaner that often pop in, Betty and John do not lack human contact. However, they still hold their Communities 1st connections in high  regard. They are "so reliable and so nice" and , as John says, he "doesn't know what the hell they would do without them".  

Written by D.J.R.