Project Management

Communities 1st offer a number of management services that can range from general information and support to accessing specialist information. If required, we can also offer direct management of a project.

What does project management entail?

  • Define the project
  • Plan and sequence the project
  • Risk management
  • Realistic budget projections

Construct your budget outlining the main elements and how the cost of each of these might be estimated. Ensure you take into account all project delivery costs, support costs and overheads that may be needed to meet the requirement of any stakeholders or funders.

  • Work effectively with your project team
  • Work with stakeholders and champions

Understand who your local stakeholders are and what influence or interest they may have in your project.

  • Monitor and evaluate your project

Design a simple evaluation method that will effectively capture all of the data that you will need and ensure that you embed these methods into your project delivery. Understand what your project is trying to achieve and what your funders or stakeholders what to see reported back. Additional information can be found by clicking the link to the Measuring Success page.

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