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'A Room with a View'

Despite us all having unique stories to tell about our pandemic experience, we can all empathise with the feeling of being isolated and alone. We are only beginning to discover the true impact lockdown restrictions have on mental health, and the depth of loneliness they have caused in our communities.  

Tue 16 Feb 2021

'All Hands to the Pump'

Up and down the country people continue to take an ‘all hands to the pump’ approach to caring for vulnerable individuals in their communities. Volunteer organisations like Communities 1st, together with a wide range of local volunteer groups, have been beavering away silently and regularly for months, providing much-needed care and support for those who are isolated or at-risk.

Wed 10 Feb 2021

Why Volunteer During Lockdown? 

What makes people volunteer? Volunteers might say they want to connect to the community, feel involved and make a difference. During the pandemic, these people really have been making a huge difference in our communities, beavering away silently and regularly for months to provide care and much-needed support to the vulnerable.

Fri 5 Feb 2021

Peggy and Amy's Story

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused undeniable sadness and hardship for many, but amidst the pain you may have heard tales of kindness and selflessness that have lifted your spirits. The Compassionate Community Connector programme (run by Communities 1st)  relies on volunteers to support vulnerable and isolated people in the local area.