Recruiting, Retaining and Managing Volunteers Training

Learn about Recruiting, Retaining & Managing Volunteers!

This interactive and engaging one-day course will explore the challenges of recruiting, retaining and managing volunteers. It is ideal for staff who have this responsibility as their role.

Upcoming Events

Our next Recruiting, Retaining and Managing Volunteers Training event will be held on Wednesday 25th September 2024 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Volunteer Management

Part 1 - Recruiting Volunteers

Am Session 10am till 1pm

Topics for this session will include:

  1. Volunteer Motivation
  2. Writing Role Descriptions
  3. Writing Recruitment Adverts
  4. Selection Process
  5. Induction and Support 

Part 2 - Managing Volunteers

PM Session 2pm till 5pm

Topics for this session will include:

  1. Volunteer Supervision
  2. Managing changing motivations
  3. Dealing with challenging or difficult behaviour
  4. Saying “Goodbye”
  5. Rewarding and recognising volunteers

If you have not already achieved 6 Point Promise accreditation this is an ideal opportunity to get started!

Achieving this standard is acknowledgement of your commitment to excellence in volunteer management. It gives potential funders evidence of the quality service they look for and potential volunteers can be confident that they will be valued and supported by your organisation.


Herts Voluntary Organisations:

  • £70 (Includes Template Documents)


Statutory & Non-Herts Organisations:

  • £400 (Includes Template Documents)

Don't see a session scheduled?

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