Web Design and Hosting

Working together, we believe we can create websites that are welcoming, easy to navigate, and professional.

Based on your requirements, we are confident that we can deliver a website that's perfect for you.

We look to provide you with a fresh new web design that is easy to navigate and provides useful information to current subscribers; we can also make this website responsive for devices, including like mobiles and tablets.

The design will integrate with new or existing logos and branding, therefore if you have a logo or specific colour palette your new website will maintain a familiar look and feel.

Working in conjunction with your team, we will provide you with a preliminary design concept for the new website. That design concept will include the basic layout, colour palette, font choices, etc.

Once the design is approved, then we will incorporate the Content Management System into the design, if required can run a two-hour training session with you and/or with your colleagues, showing them how
to use the Content Management System. This can be done on site or online.

Staff working at desk

When all the content has been incorporated, you will need to approve the site for us to move the website from the development sub-directory to the main root level of the domain, thereby making the site go live. Congratulations!

If you wish Communities 1st to go forward with a project, here is the schedule for payments of the fee:
1. 40% due upon acceptance of the proposal before work commences
2. 60% due upon delivering the completed design with the content management system in place
3. Annual Maintenance cost 30% of the whole project cost. (Optional)

We don’t mind reviewing our designs until we reach a design that is preferred by you. Therefore, you will get a bespoke website.

Here to help!

Example Price

For £295.00 you will get...

  • 10 Unique Page Website
  • Google Friendly Sitemap
  • FREE 12 Months Hosting
  • Content Management System: Back end to manage the content of your website easily.
  • Complete Deployment
  • Responsiveness: Your website will be compatible with the mobile devices.
  • User focused approach of web designing.
  • Search engine and social media network friendliness (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • 3 months’ Technical Support.

For more information, please email us: memberservices@communities1st.org.uk or call us: 01727 649900