Volunteers Week 2020: Hundreds of organisations join forces to say ‘thank you’ to their fantastic volunteers

Monday 1 June 2020

Volunteers Week 2020: Hundreds of organisations join forces to say ‘thank you’ to their fantastic volunteers


Communities 1st are delighted to be part of a collaborative action of organisations championing a united response for Volunteers’ Week 1-7 June.  This week Volunteer Managers across the UK are coming together to say a massive thank you to all volunteers.


Volunteers have played a vital role from in helping local communities through the current pandemic. They will go on to play a role in helping the nation get back to the things that we love as we ease out of lockdown. By joining forces in Volunteers Week 2020, we are aiming to increase visibility of the vital efforts that all volunteers have made this year.


Throughout the week organisations across the UK will be showcasing the amazing contribution volunteers have made.  As a member of Volunteering Herts, Communities 1st we will also be joining in with other local partners on Wednesday 3rd June to recognise the role of good volunteer management supporting volunteers across Hertfordshire.

Volunteers at Communities 1st have been sharing their experience so watch out for some fantastic stories throughout the week. One of our volunteers Kiruthika from St Alban’s shared her story…


I work for an Information Technology company, stuck on to computers and meeting people virtually to get things done. With busy personal and work schedules, I seldom get time to talk to people face to face outside of my household, or to even think about others, society or community. People like us need a channel to contribute to the local communities. And my search for that requirement lead to Communities 1st. The work I do makes me feel that I am 'giving back' something to society. Additionally, it gives me an opportunity to connect to people, witness the wider society, relieve my stress, allows me to socialise and even build my skills and endless benefits which are yet to be evident. Therefore I am 'taking more' than 'giving back'. Thank you for selecting me as a volunteer and allowing me to learn more out of volunteering.


Stephen Craker, Chief Executive of Communities 1st said:  “our volunteers are amazing and we value their support and contribution to our cause.  Without their commitment and enthusiasm, we would not be able to deliver our service to the exceptional level we do.  We know that many are volunteering to support the consequences of COVID-19. This might be through organised volunteering or by stepping up informally to support their community. For others, it’s a challenging time as they are unable to volunteer in their much loved roles. Whether our volunteers are still active or currently taking a break we want to take this opportunity during Volunteers Week to send a big shout out and say thank you!”